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Chatsonic: Your AI Content Creator

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1. What is Chatsonic?

Chatsonic is a smart chatbot that uses GPT-4 technology. It’s better than ChatGPT by OpenAI because it can create content and have interactive conversations. It can do many things like make factual content, create AI art, give you a personalized avatar, and suggest content with a Chrome extension.

2. Chatsonic Screenshots

3. Chatsonic Features

  • Content Generation: Chatsonic is a helpful tool for writers and content creators because it can create accurate information on different subjects.

  • AI Art Generation: It can make beautiful digital AI art that is useful for social media and online advertising.

  • Personalized Avatars: Chatsonic offers customized avatars that users can communicate with for various purposes such as solving math problems, preparing for interviews, getting relationship advice, and receiving fitness guidance.

  • Chrome Extension: The Chatsonic Chrome extension helps users get ideas for content from any website, making it simpler to create content while on the move.

  • Voice Commands: Chatsonic can understand and obey voice commands, just like Siri or Google Assistant. This means you can use it without using your hands.

4. How to Use Chatsonic?

Log in to Writesonic or sign up.

Select “Chatsonic” from the dashboard.

Explore features and choose your content type.

Provide clear input via text or audio.

Enable real-time data if needed.

Click “Send” to generate content instantly.

5. Chatsonic Tech Specs



AI Model


Content Generation

Factual content, AI art, use cases, and more

API Integration

Yes, for easy integration into websites and applications

6. Chatsonic AI Pricing


AI Model

Monthly Price

Free Trial

GPT 3.5



GPT 3.5


7. Chatsonic Alternatives offers a range of AI-powered writing tools, including an AI writer, content generation, and more.

Copywriting AI

This tool specializes in generating marketing and advertising copy, making it a good choice for businesses looking to create persuasive content.

8. Chatsonic Reviews

Overall rating: 4.7/5

Krystian Zygalo (From Writesonic Website):

“Thanks to AI Article Writer, we have saved thousands of dollars a month on creating content for our agency and clients. Writesonic solved the lack of productivity when writing long forms. When creating articles, we receive over 1000 words of the finished publication, which we modify to meet the needs of recipients. Save several hours on each publication.”

Madhukar Jangir (From Writesonic Website):

“The only feature I use is Paragraph Rephrase, and it’s fabulous. It helps a lot in my workflow and I’m able to write 5k+ content a day. It helps me write triple the word count I used to do before. I highly recommend Writesonic to marketing writers out there, especially the SEO ones. You’ll definitely write awesome stuff.”

9. FAQs

Is Chatsonic free?

Chatsonic offers both free and paid subscription options. It has a free trial that allows users to try out its features, and it also offers paid plans with additional features and usage limits. 

Chatsonic vs ChatGPT

Chatsonic and ChatGPT are both AI chatbots, but Chatsonic offers GPT-4 capabilities and focuses on content creation, while ChatGPT, created by OpenAI, uses GPT-3 for general-purpose conversations.

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