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The Ultimate Guide on How to Redline in Adobe Acrobat

Katherine Thomson
Last update on: May 25, 2023
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Redlines in PDFs are a powerful tool for document markup and collaboration. This paper explores the benefits of adding redlines, along with step-by-step instructions for using tools like Adobe Acrobat and PDFelement to effectively incorporate redlines in PDF documents.

1. Why Add Redlines in PDF?

  • Document Markup: Redlines serve as a visual representation of changes, additions, or modifications made to a document. By adding redlines, you can clearly indicate the areas that require attention or revision.
  • Collaboration and Review: Redlines are commonly used during collaborative processes, such as document review or editing. They provide a convenient way for multiple individuals to track and communicate changes effectively.
  • Clarity and Communication: Redlines enhance communication by highlighting specific sections or elements within a document. They make it easier for readers to identify and understand the proposed changes or revisions.
  • Legal and Contractual Purposes: Redlines are particularly valuable in legal and contractual contexts. They allow parties to compare different versions of a document, identify changes, and negotiate terms more efficiently.
  • Visual Clarity and Focus: The use of redlines helps draw attention to specific areas of a document, making it easier for readers to quickly identify and comprehend the changes being proposed.

2. How to Redline in Adobe Acrobat?

Adobe Acrobat

Step 1: Open the PDF File

Launch Adobe Acrobat and open the PDF file that you want to redline.

Step 2: Access the Comment Tool

Adobe Acrobat comment

Locate the toolbar on the right-hand side of the screen and select the “Comment” tool.

Step 3: Select Highlighting Tool

Select Highlighting Tool

Choose either the “Highlight Text” or “Highlight Area” tool from the options provided to select the text or area you want to redline.

Step 4: Customize Highlight Properties

Adjust the color and thickness of the highlight using the “Properties” toolbar.

Step 5: Add Comments

Select the “Comment” tool again and type your comments within the text boxes to add additional information to the redlined area.

Step 6: Strike Out Text

Strike Out Text

Use the “Strikeout” tool to strike out specific text. Select the text you want to strike out.

Step 7: Adjust Strikeout Properties

Access the “Properties” toolbar to customize the color and thickness of the strikeout line.

Step 8: Save the Redlined Document

After completing the redlining, save the document as a new file to keep the redlined version for future reference.

How to Draw A Redline in PDF?

Step 1: Open PDFelement and Import PDF

Wondershare PDFelement

Import the PDF file into PDFelement by clicking the “+” button on the main interface.

Step 2: Draw a Line on the PDF

Click on the “Comment” menu and select the “Line” button to enable the drawing tool. Use your cursor to draw a line on the PDF page.

draw line
add line

Step 3: Customize Line Properties

Customize Line Properties

To draw a straight red line by default, no additional steps are required. However, if you want to modify the line’s properties, such as color, thickness, or opacity, follow these steps:

  • Access the line you drew and double-click on it to add notes.

  • Right-click on the line and choose “Properties” to customize its color, opacity, and thickness.

Note: PDFelement allows you to draw vertical, straight, and diagonal lines according to your specific needs.

How to Add A Redline When Reading A PDF?

Step 1: Access the Markup Tools

Tap on the “Add Shape” icon within the PDF reader interface to access the markup tools.

Step 2: Select the Line Tool

From the drop-down menu that appears, choose the “Line” option. This will allow you to add a straight line across the document at any desired location.

Step 3: Add a Straight Line

add line

Click or tap on the document where you want the line to begin, then drag the cursor to the desired endpoint to add the straight line.

Step 4: Use the Pencil Tool (Optional)

If desired, you can also select the “Pencil” tool from the options provided. This tool enables you to draw a freehand line on the PDF.

Note: Users have the flexibility to choose between the predefined straight line option or the freehand drawing option using the “Pencil” tool to add lines in the PDF.


The addition of redlines in PDF documents provides a visual representation of changes, additions, or modifications, serving as a valuable tool for document markup, collaboration, and communication. Redlines enhance clarity, facilitate effective collaboration, and draw attention to specific areas within the document, making it easier to identify and understand proposed revisions. Whether using Adobe Acrobat, PDFelement, or built-in markup tools in PDF readers like Preview, adding redlines allows for efficient tracking and communication of changes, improving the overall document management process.

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