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Wordtune Review: Best AI Writing Assistant

Coopper Lawson
Last update on: September 28, 2023
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AI-Powered Writing Assistance

Subscription Cost

Multiple Writing Tools

Online Dependence

User-Friendly Interface

Wordtune Overview

What is Wordtune?

Wordtune is a platform that utilizes intelligence to assist writers in enhancing their writing abilities and productivity. It offers a range of features and tools to improve written content, such, as rewriting, summarizing and generating text. With Wordtune users receive suggestions on how to enhance grammar, style and clarity making it an invaluable tool, for individuals who create content, students, professionals or anyone seeking to improve their written communication skills.

About the Developer

AI21 Labs is a company that is dedicated to transforming language comprehension and writing. It is led by AI visionaries and its primary focus is on developing language models such as Wordtune editor.

Customer Support

Wordtune provides customer support services through its Help Center as, via email communication channels.

official Wordtune website editor

  • Rewrite: Wordtune  editor provides suggestions to improve your written content whether its a word or an entire paragraph. It assists users in refining their writing style and grammar.

  • AI Writing Assistant: The AI powered Writing Assistant feature offers suggestions to enhance your writing providing ideas on how to phrase things and structure your sentences while still maintaining your unique style.

  • Create with AI: Wordtune offers templates for various types of content, making it easier to generate quality content from scratch. It includes templates for emails, LinkedIn posts, headlines, and more.

  • Summarizer: Save time by using Wordtunes Summarizer feature which allows you to summarize texts, like YouTube videos, articles or PDF documents while extracting the important information.

  • AI Answers: Utilize Wordtunes AI Answers feature to create a knowledge base by accessing its library and efficiently finding answers from sources.



Price per Month 

Price per Year 










How We Review

Sign in
wordtune sign in

Wordtune offers various sign-in options, including Google, Apple, Facebook, and email address.

How to Use Wordtune?

Visit the official Wordtune website and complete the registration process to create your account.

Once registered, log in to your Wordtune account.

Within the platform, access the Wordtune Editor, where you can begin using the various features.
wordtune editor

To start working with text, you have multiple options: click on the “Rewrite” button for general text improvements, or choose “Casual,” “Formal,” “Shorten,” or “Expand” for tailored modifications and text optimization based on your specific needs.

How to Summarize with Wordtune? 

Visit the official Wordtune website and complete the account registration process.

Log in to your Wordtune account and access the Wordtune Editor.

In the lower left corner of the Editor, click the “Upload to Summarize” button to use Wordtune summarizer.
Upload to Summarize

Upload your file, paste the text, or provide a link to the content you want to summarize.
upload content wordtune

Wait for a moment as Wordtune generates the text summary.
wordtune summary

To take notes on the summarized content, click the “Notes” button located in the tab bar at the top of the Editor.
take notes on the summarized content

For further information or research, you can also utilize the “Semantic search” button within the platform.

Tech Specs

Technical Specifications


Supported Platforms

Web-based platform


Compatible with major web browsers

AI Models

Utilizes advanced Generative AI models

Integration Options

Chrome extension, Microsoft Edge extension

Mobile App

Wordtune for iOS (Mobile App)

Security Features

Enterprise-level security, compliance-focused

Support Options

Help Center, Email Support


Is Wordtune safe?

Wordtune takes privacy and security seriously. They have implemented enterprise-level security measures to safeguard user data and ensure compliance with privacy regulations.

Is Wordtune free?

Yes, Wordtune does have a free plan available. It comes with features. However they also offer premium paid plans that provide capabilities and benefits.

Wordtune vs. Grammarly: Which one is better?

Even though both Wordtune and Grammarly are AI powered writing assistance tools they differ in terms of features and pricing. Grammarly is renowned for its grammar. Spelling checking abilities while Wordtune offers a variety of AI driven writing and summarization tools. The choice between them depends on writing requirements and personal preferences.

Wordtune Alternatives


Writesonic is an AI based content creation platform that offers tools such as Chatsonic for conversational AI and Botsonic for chatbot development. It aids users in generating on-brand SEO optimized content while providing solutions for content needs.


ClickUp is a productivity platform designed to streamline project management tasks and enhance efficiency. It encompasses features like task tracking, project management capabilities, team collaboration options and customizable views to handle any type of work. is an AI driven platform that assists users in generating content with speed. It includes tools like Chat by for creation purposes as well, as AI Workflow Automation and Brand Voice to maintain consistent brand identity across different types of content.

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