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Receiptify: Record Music in Receipts

Coopper Lawson
Last update on: September 12, 2023
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1. What is Receiptify?

Receiptify is a website and app created by Michelle Lui, inspired by the Instagram account @albumreceipts. This platform allows users to transform their music listening habits from services like Spotify, Apple Music, or into personalized and visually appealing digital receipts. Users can download the Receiptify app to generate and share these receipts with others, enabling comparisons of music preferences.
spotify receiptify

One of Receiptify’s key features is its ability to analyze a user’s music habits through an external app, Spotify Receiptify. This app collects data from the past six months, revealing a user’s top songs, most-played artists, and more. The end result resembles a grocery receipt, adding a creative and fun aspect to music exploration.

2. How Does Receiptify Work?

Receiptify is a piece of software that analyzes a user’s streaming music habits on services like Spotify, Apple Music, or and then generates visually appealing digital receipts based on that data. Here is the platform’s core operational principle:

Access Receiptify

To get started, visit the Receiptify website or download the Receiptify app, whichever you choose.

Connect to Music Streaming Service

It is standard practice to grant permission for the app to access your account with a music streaming service like Spotify if you use the app. Receiptify can use this data to learn about your listening habits.

Data Collection

Receiptify collects data about your music listening over a specified period, often the past six months. It compiles information about the songs you’ve listened to the most, your top artists, and other relevant details.

Data Analysis

The platform’s algorithms analyze the collected data to determine your music preferences, including your most-played songs, artists, and genres.

Receipt Generation

Receiptify then generates a digital “receipt” based on this data. The receipt format is designed to resemble a shopping receipt, with song titles, artist names, and other details presented in a visually appealing manner. The result is a creative and personalized representation of your music listening habits.

View and Share

Once your receipt is generated, you can view it on the Receiptify platform. One may also have the opportunity to share it on social media or with acquaintances and supporters, thereby exhibiting one’s musical preferences and drawing comparisons with others.

Explore Additional Features

Receiptify might have more features depending on the platform and updates from the developer. You could see your favorite songs ever or check out different ways to see your music data.

Receiptify uses data from your music streaming service to create your receipt. The more information available from your listening history, the more accurate and complete your receipt will be. The platform may also change and offer new features to interact with your music data.

3. How to Get Receiptify?

Open Your Browser

 Launch a web browser on your computer or mobile device.

Visit Receiptify Website

In the browser’s address bar, enter the URL “” and press Enter. This will take you to the Receiptify website.

Log in with Spotify

On the Receiptify website, you’ll find an option to log in using your Spotify account. Click on the “Login with Spotify” button.

Select Timeframe

After logging in with your Spotify account, you’ll be presented with three options to select the timeframe for your music receipt:

  • Last month

  • Last 6 months

  • All the time

Generate Your Receipt

Choose the timeframe that best suits your preferences by clicking on one of the options above.

Once you select the timeframe, Receiptify will generate your Spotify receipt or receipt based on your music listening habits.

Download Image

To obtain your Spotify receipt, you can press the “Download Image” button. This will save the receipt-style graphic to your device.

View Receiptify Login Info

If you choose to log in with Receiptify, you will see details such as your Spotify account name, selected timeframe, a code, and the name of the website used.

4. Creating a Receiptify for Apple Music: Is It Possible?

Yes, Receiptify does offer the capability for Apple Music users to create their musical receipts. However, it’s important to note that the “Login with Apple Music” option on the Receiptify website might not always be available due to potential technical issues or changes in the service’s functionality.
Apple Music receiptify

To create a musical receipt for Apple Music on Receiptify, you can follow these general steps:

Visit Receiptify Website

Open a web browser and go to the Receiptify website.

Log in with Apple Music

Click on the “Login with Apple Music” option.
log in with apple music

Sign in to your Apple Music account using your Apple ID credentials.

Select Timeframe

Choose the duration or timeframe for which you want to generate the musical receipt. Options might include “Last month,” “Last 6 months,” or “All time.”

Generate Receipt

After selecting the timeframe, Receiptify will generate your Apple Music musical receipt, displaying your most-played tracks within that time period.

View and Share

Please review your music receipt, which should include details such as the titles of your preferred songs and the location of purchase. Additionally, there may be an alternative to share it via email or Facebook.

5. Frequently Asked Questions

Is Receiptify Safe?

Receiptify is generally considered safe to use. However, it’s essential to exercise caution when granting access to your music streaming accounts. Make sure you are using the official Receiptify website or app and be mindful of the permissions you grant.

Is Receiptify Accurate?

The accuracy of Receiptify’s music receipts depends on the data provided by your music streaming service. It aims to provide a representation of your listening habits, but the accuracy may vary.

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