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How to See iPhone Clipboard History? [2023 Latest Guide]

Katherine Thomson
Last update on: August 29, 2023
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Is your iPhone’s clipboard history a tale of one short lived moment, clearing out you pondering if there’s a way to recover those past copies? As the digital age continually redefines comfort, the address emerges: does the iPhone have a hidden trove of clipboard history, or is each duplicate predetermined to be a solo act? Dive into this investigation as we reveal whether the iPhone has grasped its clipboard past or is basically living within the copy-paste present.

1. Does the iPhone have a clipboard history?

iOS did not have a built-in clipboard history highlight that permits users to see a history of previously copied writings or pictures. iOS gadgets ordinarily store as it were the foremost later thing that was replicated to the clipboard. This implies that on the off chance that you duplicate a modern thing, the past one is overwritten.
does iphone have a clipboard history

2. How to Access iPhone Clipboard History?

2.1 Utilize the Notes App to See Clipboard:

One way to get to your clipboard history on an iPhone is by utilizing the Notes app. Follow these steps:

  • Open the Notes app on your iPhone.

  • Start a new note.

  • Tap and hold within the note content field.

  • When the menu shows up, select “Paste.”

This method should show you the most recent item you copied to your clipboard. Whereas it’s not a full clipboard history, it’s a way to access the most recent copied item.

2.2 See Clipboard Utilizing the Shortcuts App:

The Shortcuts app permits you to make custom robotization and workflows on your iPhone. In case clipboard history usefulness isn’t built into iOS itself, you could be able to realize it through a custom easy route. Here’s how:

  • Open the Easy routes app (pre-installed on iOS gadgets or accessible for download from the App Store in case not).

  • Tap the “+” button within the best right corner to make a modern shortcut.

  • In the “Add Action” look bar, type “clipboard.”

  • You ought to see different clipboard-related activities. Select “Get Clipboard” to include it to your shortcut.

  • You can customize your shortcut encourage on the off chance that needed.

  • Give your easy route a title and tap “Done” to spare it.

Now, you’ll be able to run this easy route whenever you want to get to your current clipboard substance. In any case, please note that this method won’t give you a history of clipboard things; it’ll as it were show the current clipboard content.

If you’re seeking out how to see clipboard history on your iPhone, you might have to investigate third-party apps from the App Store that offer this highlight. These apps may give more progressed clipboard administration capabilities, permitting you to see and manage a history of copied items.

3. Best Apps to View iPhone Clipboard History


PasteNow is a clipboard manager app that allows you to manage and view your clipboard history on your iPhone. It provides the ability to store and access multiple copied items.


  • Clipboard History: PasteNow keeps a history of your copied items, allowing you to quickly access and paste previously copied texts or images.

  • Organization: You can categorize your copied items, making it easier to find and manage specific content.

  • Search Functionality: The app often includes a search feature that helps you find specific items within your clipboard history.

  • User-Friendly Interface: PasteNow typically offers an intuitive and user-friendly interface for seamless navigation and usage.


CopyClip is another clipboard manager app that offers clipboard history functionality on iPhones.


  • Clipboard History: CopyClip lets you view your clipboard history and select from a list of previously copied items.

  • Quick Access: With CopyClip, you can access your copied items without needing to re-copy them, saving time and effort.

  • Sync Across Devices: Some clipboard manager apps, including CopyClip, allow you to sync your clipboard history across multiple devices.

  • Customization: Depending on the app’s features, you might be able to customize settings like the number of items stored in your history.


Ditto is a clipboard manager app designed to enhance your clipboard experience on iOS devices.


  • Clipboard History: Ditto maintains a history of copied items, which can be useful for referencing or reusing content.

  • Cloud Sync: Some apps, including Ditto, offer the ability to sync your clipboard history to the cloud, allowing you to access it from different devices.

  • Security: Depending on the app, you might have options for securing sensitive clipboard content with password protection or encryption.

  • Integration: Some clipboard manager apps integrate with other productivity apps, allowing for seamless workflows.


ClipX is likely another clipboard manager app that provides extended clipboard functionality on iPhones.


  • Clipboard History: ClipX keeps track of your clipboard history, enabling you to switch between different copied items.

  • Batch Actions: Depending on the app’s features, you might be able to perform batch actions like copying multiple items at once or deleting selected entries.

  • Widgets: Some clipboard manager apps offer widgets for quick access to your clipboard history from the device’s home screen.

  • Preview: You may have the ability to preview clipboard items before pasting them, which can help ensure you’re using the correct content.

4. The Bottom Line

iPhones did not initially have a built-in clipboard history feature, storing only the most recent copied item. While native iOS functionality remained limited, alternative methods emerged for accessing clipboard history. Utilizing the Notes app allowed for retrieving the most recent copied content. Additionally, the Shortcuts app enabled the creation of custom shortcuts to access current clipboard content. However, for more comprehensive clipboard management, third-party apps such as PasteNow, CopyClip, Ditto, and ClipX offered the ability to view and organize clipboard history, enhancing users’ productivity and ease of use.

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