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AppHut’s iLoveIMG Review: Mastering Image Editing Made Easy

Katherine Thomson
Last update on: October 11, 2023
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Intuitive user interface; easy navigation through various tools.

Limited tutorial or guidance for first-time users.

Diverse range of image editing tools, covering compression, resizing, cropping, conversion, and advanced features like upscaling and background removal.

Some advanced features might be overwhelming for users with basic editing needs.

Efficient batch processing capabilities, allowing users to edit multiple images simultaneously.

Free version has limitations on the number of images processed in a single task.

iLoveIMG Overview

What is iLoveIMG?

iLoveIMG is a website that offers various tools for editing images online. You can compress, resize, crop, convert formats, and do much more. It’s user-friendly and can handle batch editing tasks. The platform also has advanced features like upscaling images, removing backgrounds, and creating memes. 

Customer Support

If users have questions or need assistance, they can reach out to iLoveIMG’s Customer Support team through the email contact form. The team is dedicated to providing helpful and timely responses, ensuring that users have a smooth experience with the platform.


  • Compress Image: Reduce file size for JPG, PNG, SVG, and GIFs while maintaining quality.

  • Resize Image: Define dimensions by percent or pixel for JPG, PNG, SVG, and GIF images.

  • Crop Image: Easily crop JPG, PNG, or GIF images, with pixel precision or using a visual editor.

  • Convert to JPG: Convert various formats like PNG, GIF, TIF, PSD, SVG, WEBP, HEIC, or RAW to JPG in bulk.

  • Convert from JPG: Transform JPG images into PNG and GIF, even creating animated GIFs.

  • Photo Editor: Add text, effects, frames, or stickers to spice up your images with simple editing tools.

  • Upscale Image: Enlarge JPG and PNG images while maintaining visual quality.

  • Remove Background: Quickly and accurately remove image backgrounds.

  • Watermark Image: Stamp images with text or image watermarks, customizable in terms of typography, transparency, and position.

  • Meme Generator: Create memes online by captioning meme images or uploading pictures.

  • Rotate Image: Rotate many JPG, PNG, or GIF images simultaneously.

  • HTML to Image: Convert webpages in HTML to JPG or SVG.

  • Blur Face: Easily blur faces in photos for privacy, including license plates and other objects.

  • Batch Edit Photos: Resize and compress multiple photos simultaneously for web, social media, and e-commerce.



Monthly Billing

Yearly Billing






$5/month (Billed annually as $60)


Contact sales

Contact sales

iLoveIMG Review by AppHut

Sign up
iloveimg signup

Users can sign up for iLoveIMG effortlessly using your Google or Facebook accounts for a quick and seamless experience. Alternatively, opt for the traditional method by signing up with your email, providing you easy access to all the powerful tools iLoveIMG has to offer.

How to Use iLoveIMG?

How to Use iLoveIMG to Upscale Images?

Go to the official iLoveIMG website and navigate to the “Upscale Image” tool.
upscale image iloveimg

Click on “Select images” and upload the image you wish to upscale.
select images

Choose the size multiplier, either 2x or 4x, based on your preference.
size multiplier

Click on the “Upscale” option to initiate the process.

Once the processing is complete, download your upscaled images.
wait processingdownload upscaled image 

How to Use iLoveIMG to Add Watermarks in Images?

Visit the official iLoveIMG website and locate the “Watermark IMAGE” tool.
Watermark IMAGE

Click on “Select images” to choose the images you want to watermark. You can opt for either “ADD IMAGE” or “ADD TEXT” to insert image or text watermarks.
watermark select imagesimage or text watermark

Customize your text watermark by adjusting font, text color, background color, transparency, etc. If using an image watermark, modify its size and transparency accordingly.
edit watermark

Click “Watermark Images” to initiate the process.
click watermark images  

Allow some time for the tool to process the images.
stamping images

Once processing is complete, click “Download watermarked IMAGES” to retrieve your images with the applied watermark.
download watermarked images

And there you have it—your images are now watermarked using iLoveIMG.

Tech Specs






ISO27001 certified, Secure HTTPS connection


Compress Image, Resize Image, Crop Image, Convert to JPG, Photo Editor, and more

Advanced Features

Upscale Image, Remove Background, Watermark Image, Meme Generator, Rotate Image, HTML to Image, Blur Face, etc.

Supported Formats


Max File Size

Up to 1GB (with Premium for batch processing)

iLoveIMG Alternatives


Known for smart lossy compression, TinyPNG reduces file sizes for WEBP, JPEG, and PNG files. It uses intelligent techniques to decrease the number of colors, resulting in smaller yet visually similar images.


ImageUpscaler specializes in upscaling images without compromising quality, utilizing deep learning convolutional neural networks. It’s ideal for increasing image resolution while maintaining clarity.

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