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A Deep Dive into the DragGAN AI Photo Editing Tool

Katherine Thomson
Last update on: October 25, 2023
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Precise Image Control

Limited Platform Compatibility

Flexible Picture Manipulation

Dependency on High-End NVIDIA GPUs

Efficient Editing Process

Lack of Mobile Compatibility

User-Friendly Interface

Limited Information on Availability

Innovative AI-Based Transformation

Lack of Real-time Collaboration Features

Open Source and Free

Dependence on External Libraries

DragGan AI Tool OverviewDragGan AI Tool

What is DragGan AI Tool?

DragGAN AI Tool is an advanced and innovative photo editing tool that leverages artificial intelligence to transform and modify images with precision. It goes beyond traditional pixel manipulation, enabling users to apply various modification effects to different object types within the image.

About the Developer

Developed by the Max Planck Institute, this user-friendly tool allows users to make realistic alterations to photographs by simply dragging and placing points interactively.

Features of DragGan AI Tool

Drag for Precision:

Achieve precise and accurate distortions by dragging specific points.

Creative Flexibility:

Make big or small changes for unique and creative art.

Efficient Editing:

Quick and easy editing with a fast process.

Accurate Results:

Realistic outcomes even in challenging scenarios.

User-Friendly Interface:

Intuitive design for both professionals and beginners.

Innovative AI Transformation:

Beyond pixel manipulation, apply effects to different object types.

Open Source and Free:

Freely accessible, allowing for community contributions.

Continuous Development:

Regular updates for enhanced features and performance.

DragGan AI Photo Editor Pricing

DragGan doesn’t explicitly mention the pricing details. In the official website, it states “Price: Open Source,” which typically means that the software is freely available and open to the public without any cost.

If the tool is open source, it implies that users can download, use, and modify the software without having to pay for a license. Open source projects often rely on community contributions and support.

How to Use DragGan AI Photo Editor?

Step 1: Upload Your Picture

  • Visit the DragGAN AI website or open the application.

  • Upload the picture you want to edit. This could be a landscape, portrait, or any other image.

Step 2: Drag and Place Points

  • Use the interactive feature of DragGAN AI by clicking and moving points on the picture.

  • You can make objects bigger, smaller, move them around, or change their shape by dragging points.

Step 3: Witness Real-Time Changes

  • As you release the pointer after dragging a point, DragGAN AI works in real-time.

  • The picture automatically reflects your changes, allowing you to see the results instantly.

Step 4: Fine-Tune as Needed

  • If further adjustments are needed, continue dragging points on the picture.

  • This flexibility allows you to achieve the desired outcome and perfect your image.

Step 5: Save Your Edited Image

  • Once satisfied with your edits, click the Save button.

  • DragGAN AI will preserve your edited image, and you can download or share it as needed.


Start with small adjustments to get a feel for the tool.

Experiment with different features to understand the full range of possibilities.

Save your progress periodically to avoid losing edits.
draggan ai editing tool

Tech Specs



AI Tool Name


Supported Operating Systems

Linux and Windows

System Requirements

1–8 high-end NVIDIA GPUs with at least 12 GB of memory

Latest Application Version

Latest Version

Application Category

Image Editing


Max Planck Institute

Official GitHub Repository

Last Update

1 Day ago


What makes DragGAN AI Tool different from traditional editing software?

DragGAN AI stands out by providing fine control over image manipulation through interactive point-dragging. It goes beyond traditional pixel manipulation, allowing precise and realistic modifications with ease.

What are some of the main features of DragGAN AI Tool?

Key features include drag-and-place points for precise editing, flexible picture manipulation techniques, efficient editing process, and the ability to achieve accurate results even in challenging scenarios.

Is DragGan AI Tool suitable for beginners?

Yes, DragGAN AI Tool is designed to be user-friendly, making it accessible to both professionals and beginners. Its intuitive interface and interactive editing features cater to a wide range of users.

DragGan AI Photo Editor Alternatives 


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