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How to Find a Clip Tray On An Android Mobile?

Coopper Lawson
Last update on: August 30, 2023
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Are you making the most of your device’s clipboard? In a world of quick information sharing, have you ever wondered how to efficiently manage your copied content?  Keep reading.

1. A Clip Tray: What Is It?

A clip tray, also known as a clipboard history manager or clipboard manager, could be a software tool outlined to upgrade the usefulness of the standard clipboard in a computer’s working framework. The clipboard could be a brief capacity region that holds replicated or cut information, such as content, pictures, files, or other types of content. Typically, the standard clipboard can only hold one piece of information at a time, which implies that copying or cutting modern information will supplant the already put away content.
clip tray android

A clip tray or clipboard history manager extends this usefulness by permitting clients to store a history of previously copied or cut things. This implies that you simply can copy or cut different pieces of content, and they are all saved in the clipboard history manager’s capacity. Users can at that point select from this history to paste any of the already replicated things, indeed in the event that they were copied a while ago.

2. On My Phone, Where Can I Find the Clip Tray?

The availability and location of a “Clip Tray” or comparable clipboard manager can change depending on the make and show of your smartphone, as well as the form of the working system it’s running.


On many Android gadgets, you might discover the clipboard manager under the title “Clipboard” or “Clipboard Manager.” Here’s how you’ll get to it:

Samsung Devices: On Samsung phones, the feature is often called “Clipboard” or “Clipboard Edge.” You’ll get to it by long-pressing a text field, like when you’re about to paste something, and then selecting “Clipboard.”

Stock Android (Pixel and Nexus Phones): However, a few manufacturers adjust the Android system to include this feature.

Third-Party Apps: In case your device doesn’t have a built-in clipboard manager, you’ll discover different third-party clipboard manager apps on the Google Play Store that offer similar functionality.


iOS did not have a built-in clipboard history manager. Once you copy something on an iOS device, it’s stored within the clipboard incidentally and can be pasted immediately. However, there was no native way to get to a history of copied things in the system itself.

Third-Party Apps: If you need a clipboard history manager on iOS, you’d ought to utilize a third-party app like PasteNow from the App Store. These apps typically require certain permissions to manage your clipboard effectively.

3. How Do I Clean My Android Clip Tray?

Paste the Copied Content

To clear the current clipboard thing, you’ll be able essentially paste the copied content somewhere. This activity will supplant the current clipboard substance with the recently stuck item.

Restart the Device

Restarting your Android device can also clear the clipboard. When the gadget restarts, the clipboard’s brief capacity is ordinarily cleared.

Third-Party Clipboard Managers

If you’re employing a third-party clipboard supervisor app that gives a clipboard history, you might have an option inside the app to clear the stored clipboard history. This alternative is usually accessible in the app’s settings.
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4. How Do I Delete The Android Clip Tray?

For Samsung Devices (using “Clipboard” or “Clipboard Edge”):

  • Access Clipboard: Long-press on a text field to bring up the context menu.

  • Select Clipboard: From the menu that appears, select “Clipboard.”

  • Manage Clipboard: Inside the clipboard manager, you should see a list of items you’ve copied. There might be a “Clear” button or an icon (like a trash can) to delete individual items or clear the entire clipboard history.

If you’re using a third-party clipboard manager app, the steps to clear or manage the clipboard would depend on the specific app you’re using. Typically, these apps provide a user interface where you can view and delete clipboard history items.

5. How Can I Access The iPhone’s Clipboard?

To access the clipboard on an iPhone using the “PasteNow” clipboard management app, you can follow these steps:

Download and Install the App

Download and install the PasteNow app on your iPhone.

Open the App

Locate the app on your home screen and tap to open it.

View Clipboard Items

Once the app is open, it can display a list of clipboard items that you have saved. These items could include text, links, images, and code.

Paste Clipboard Items

To paste a clipboard item from PasteNow, simply tap on the item you want to paste. The item will be copied to the system clipboard, and you can then paste it into any app or text field.

Syncing Clipboard Items

If you have got different iOS and macOS devices and need to sync clipboard items across them utilizing iCloud, you’ll be able to empower this inclusion within the app’s settings. This permits you to get to the same clipboard things on all your devices.

6. Conclusion

A clip tray, also known as a clipboard history manager, enhances the standard clipboard’s capabilities by allowing users to store and access a history of previously copied or cut items. This feature is particularly helpful for tasks involving repetitive copying and pasting, offering increased productivity and convenience. While accessing and managing clipboards might vary across devices and operating systems, third-party apps like PasteNow provide solutions for users seeking advanced clipboard management on iOS devices.

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