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IObit Smart Defrag Hard Drive & PC Performance Optimizer

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1. What is Smart Defrag?

Smart Defrag is designed to optimize hard drives and improve overall PC performance by defragmenting the files and data stored on the computer’s hard drive.

2. Smart Defrag Screenshots

3. Smart Defrag Features

  • Fast and Deep Defragmentation: Smart Defrag employs an enhanced multi-threading defragmentation engine to rearrange fragmented data on the hard drive quickly and thoroughly. This process improves data access speed and disc performance overall.

  • Quicker System Boot Time: As a computer ages, it may require more time to start up and become responsive. The “Boot Time Defrag” feature of Smart Defrag helps defragment files on the hard drive that cannot be moved while the system is operating. This results in faster computer startup periods.

  • Enhanced Game Performance: The “Game Optimize” feature of Smart Defrag can rapidly optimize the performance of games installed on the computer. This can result in quicker loading times and more fluid gameplay.

  • Disk Health Monitoring: The software can monitor and report on the hard drive’s health, allowing users to keep track of its condition.

4. How to Use Smart Defrag?

For HDD (Hard Disk Drive):

  • Smart Defrag provides options such as “Analyze,” “Fast Defrag,” “Defrag & Optimize,” “Large Files Defrag,” “Free Space Defrag,” and “Defrag & Prioritize Files (Slow)” to optimize your hard drive.

  • You can also enable “Auto Defrag” and “Boot Time Defrag” for system optimization.

For SSD (Solid State Drive):

  • Options include “Trim,” “Analyze,” and “Trim & Intelligent Optimize” to optimize your SSD.

5. Smart Defrag Tech Specs

Operating System

Windows 11/10/8.1/8/7/Vista/XP


1 GHz or faster

Free Hard Disk Space

200 MB

6. Smart Defrag Pricing



1 PC


3 PCs


7. Smart Defrag Alternatives

O&O Defrag

O&O Defrag offers various defragmentation methods and optimization strategies. It’s known for its ability to improve system startup times.

iObit Advanced SystemCare

While Smart Defrag is one component of iObit’s Advanced SystemCare suite, the full suite includes various PC optimization tools, making it a comprehensive alternative.


PerfectDisk provides both defragmentation and optimization tools, with a focus on improving disk performance and minimizing resource usage.

8. Smart Defrag Reviews

Overall rating: 4.5/5

William Howes (from IObit Website):

“I have been using Iobit products for a good many years now. Because I am running an older machine with 6 drives, including 2 external, I find that Iobit’s “Smart Defrag 8 Pro” has served me very well. Being an older machine, my computer system tends to become fragmented quite easily. Having My “Smart Defrag 8 Pro” set to auto defrag, and running a “Defrag and Optimize” once a week, keeps my system running smooth and well. Iobit is constantly upgrading and striving to make the product even better as time goes by. I am well pleased with this product.”

Edward Lee Ah Yen (from IObit Website):

“I run a combination of RAID 0 SSDs and RAID 0 HDDs and use Smart Defrag Pro to analyze, defrag and keep my drives running at peak performance. As with all IObit software it is easy to install, use and very reliable. Just set it up and forget it. Smart Defrag has a very small memory footprint so it won’t slow down your system. Definitely recommended!”

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