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Simpdf – All Simple PDF Tools

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1. What is Simpdf?

Simpdf is a comprehensive PDF management tool designed to meet all your document processing needs. With a rich set of features, it caters to both basic and advanced PDF manipulation tasks, ensuring a seamless and efficient workflow.

2. Simpdf Screenshots

3. Simpdf Main Features

1) Viewing and Annotation

  • View PDF: View, annotate, add text or images.
  • Add image: Adds an image onto a set location on the PDF.
  • Add Watermark: Add a custom watermark to your PDF document.
  • Add Stamp to PDF: Add text or add image stamps at set locations.

2) Basic PDF Manipulation

  • Merge: Easily merge multiple PDFs into one.
  • Split: Split PDFs into multiple documents.
  • Rotate: Easily rotate your PDFs.
  • Crop PDF: Crop a PDF to reduce its size (maintains text!).
  • Add Page Numbers: Add page numbers throughout a document in a set location.
  • Remove: Delete unwanted pages from your PDF document.
  • Organize: Remove/rearrange pages in any order.
  • Extract page(s): Extracts select pages from PDF.

3) Advanced PDF Manipulation

  • PDF Multi Tool: Merge, rotate, rearrange, and remove pages.
  • Multi-Page Layout: Merge multiple pages of a PDF document into a single page.
  • Adjust page size/scale: Change the size/scale of a page and/or its contents.
  • Overlay PDFs: Overlays PDFs on top of another PDF.
  • Split PDF by Sections: Divide each page of a PDF into smaller horizontal and vertical sections.
  • Single Large Page: Merges all PDF pages into one large single page.
  • Flatten: Remove all interactive elements and forms from a PDF.

4) Conversion Tools

  • Image to PDF: Convert an image (PNG, JPEG, GIF) to PDF.
  • PDF to Image: Convert a PDF to an image (PNG, JPEG, GIF).
  • Convert file to PDF: Convert nearly any file to PDF (DOCX, PNG, XLS, PPT, TXT, and more).
  • PDF to PDF/A: Convert PDF to PDF/A for long-term storage.
  • PDF to Word: Convert PDF to Word formats (DOC, DOCX, and ODT).
  • PDF to Presentation: Convert PDF to presentation formats (PPT, PPTX, and ODP).
  • PDF to RTF (Text): Convert PDF to text or RTF format.
  • PDF to HTML: Convert PDF to HTML format.
  • PDF to XML: Convert PDF to XML format.
  • PDF to CSV: Extracts tables from a PDF converting it to CSV.
  • URL/Website to PDF: Converts any http(s) URL to PDF.
  • HTML to PDF: Converts any HTML file or zip to PDF.
  • Markdown to PDF: Converts any Markdown file to PDF.

5) Optimization and Security

  • Compress: Compress PDFs to reduce their file size.
  • Add Password: Encrypt your PDF document with a password.
  • Remove Password: Remove password protection from your PDF document.
  • Sanitize: Remove scripts and other elements from PDF files.
  • Remove Blank Pages: Detects and removes blank pages from a document.
  • Remove Annotations: Removes all comments/annotations from a PDF.
  • Repair: Tries to repair a corrupt/broken PDF.
  • Auto Redact: Automatically redacts (blacks out) text in a PDF based on input text.

6) Metadata and Permissions

  • Change Metadata: Change/Remove/Add metadata from a PDF document.
  • Change Permissions: Change the permissions of your PDF document.
  • Get ALL Info on PDF: Grabs any and all information possible on PDFs.

7) OCR and Scanning

  • OCR / Cleanup scans: Clean up scans and detects text from images within a PDF and re-adds it as text.
  • Detect/Split Scanned photos: Splits multiple photos from within a photo/PDF.
  • Auto Split Pages: Auto Split Scanned PDF with physical scanned page splitter QR Code.

8) Image and Content Extraction

  • Extract Images: Extracts all images from a PDF and saves them to zip.
  • Show Javascript: Searches and displays any JS injected into a PDF.

9) Signature and Certificates

  • Sign: Adds signature to PDF by drawing, text, or image.
  • Sign with Certificate: Signs a PDF with a Certificate/Key (PEM/P12).
  • Remove Certificate Sign: Remove certificate signature from PDF.

10) Automation and Advanced Features

    • Pipeline: Run multiple actions on PDFs by defining pipeline scripts.
    • Auto Rename PDF File: Auto renames a PDF file based on its detected header.
    • Auto Split by Size/Count: Split a single PDF into multiple documents based on size, page count, or document count.
    • Adjust Colors/Contrast: Adjust contrast, saturation, and brightness of a PDF.

      4. How to Use Simpdf?

      Step 1: Visit Simpdf

      Visit the official site of Simpdf on your browser.

      Step 2: Choose Simpdf Feature

      Choose a Simpdf feature from basic editing to advanced document manipulation and conversion that suits your needs.

      Step 3: Edit Your File(s) with Simpdf

      Upload your local file(s) and edit online with Simpdf.

      Step 4: Export

      After editing your file(s), export and save on your device.

      5. Simpdf Tech Specifications


      Supported System On any operating system with a modern web browser
      Supported Languages English
      Supported Formats
      • Document: DOCX, XLSX, PPTX, RTF, TXT, HTML, XML, CSV, and more.
      • Image: PNG, JPEG, GIF, and more.

      6. Simpdf Pricing Plan

      Plan Type Price Details
      Simpdf online tool Free to use All features of Simpdf

      7. Simpdf Alternatives

      iLovePDF, SmalPDF, Pdf2Go, PDFescape, SodaPDF, AvePDF

      8. FAQs

      Q: Is Simpdf free to use?

      A: Yes, Simpdf offers free access to all of its tools.

      Q: What file formats can I convert to PDF using Simpdf?

      A: Simpdf supports converting a wide range of file formats to PDF, including DOCX, PNG, XLS, PPT, TXT, and more.

      Q: How do I upload a file to Simpdf?

      A: To upload a file, go to the Simpdf website, select the tool you need, and click on the “Choose Files” button. You can also drag and drop your file into the designated area.

      Q: Can I use Simpdf on my mobile device?

      A: Yes, you can visit Simpdf on your mobile browser to manage your PDFs on the go.

      Q: Can I use Simpdf without an internet connection?

      A: No, Simpdf primarily operates as an online service, requiring an internet connection. 

      Q: Is my data safe with Simpdf?

      A: Yes, Simpdf prioritizes user privacy and data security. Uploaded files are encrypted and automatically deleted from their servers after a short period.

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