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Rottenwood – Organize and Explore Your Film Collection

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1. What is Rottenwood?

Rottenwood is a movie-tracking app for movie fans. It helps users remember movies they’ve seen, displays them visually, and allows easy filtering. Users can add movies to their database, mark favorites, add comments, and set reminders. 

2. Rottenwood Screenshots

3. Rottenwood Main Features

  • Movie Tracking: Rottenwood helps you keep track of movies you have seen.

  • Visual Display: It displays your movie collection in a visual manner, making it easy to browse and explore.

  • Filtering: The software allows you to easily filter your movie collection based on various criteria.

  • Personal Database: You can create your own movie database by adding movies you have seen, marking favorites, and adding comments.

  • Reminders: Rottenwood lets you set reminders for upcoming movies you want to watch.

  • Advanced Search: The app offers advanced search features to quickly find specific movies.

  • Sleek Interface: It provides a visually appealing and user-friendly interface for a seamless experience.

4. Rottenwood Tech Specs

Tech Specs


Charlie Monroe Software






5. Rottenwood Plan




  • All features of Permute

  • Free updates

6. Rottenwood Alternatives

Letterboxd, My Movies, Cinetrak, Trakt

7. Rottenwood Reviews

Overalls: 4.6


  • “Rottenwood is a fantastic movie-tracking app! It’s incredibly easy to use, and the visual display of my movie collection is visually appealing. The advanced search feature helps me find movies quickly, and the ability to mark favorites and add comments is a great way to personalize my movie database.”

  • “I love how Rottenwood helps me keep track of the movies I’ve seen. The reminders for upcoming movies are a handy feature, and the sleek interface makes navigating through my collection a breeze. It’s worth every penny!”


  • “I encountered some bugs and crashes while using Rottenwood, which made the experience frustrating. The app could use some improvement in terms of stability and performance. Additionally, I felt that the interface could be more intuitive.”

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