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Raindrop – All-in-one Bookmark Manager

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1. About Raindrop is a service that allows you to save your bookmarks to the cloud, making them visually appealing and searchable. Unlike other services of a similar nature, no plugin installation is necessary because there is no need for browser synchronisation. The service is accessible the same way as any other web-based service. You only need to go to the website to see your bookmarked pages. The best part of using is that you don’t have to start bookmarking all over again. Any browser may import current bookmarks.

2. Raindrop Video Introduction

3. Raindrop Main Features

    Designed for artists, developed for programmers. is the perfect location to save all of your favorite books, songs, articles, and anything else you find while surfing.
    • Collections: Basically, collections are just folders. Create a collection so all the relevant elements are preserved in one location, whether you’re planning a presentation, getting ready for an event, or building a website.
    • Bookmarks: Organize all of your resources to get the broader picture. enables you to keep anything in a single, searchable location, including pictures, maps, videos, and webpages.
    • Files: You may quickly store files using and find old inspiration. Use to upload your files rather than leaving endless email trails.
    • Highlights: While reading, highlighting offers many advantages. It enables you to interact more fully with the text, absorb challenging material, and quickly return to important portions in the future.
    • Collaboration: When someone is added to your collection as a collaborator, they will have access to all of the collection’s features, including the ability to add, modify, and delete items.
    • Search: Raindrop allows you to search by bookmark information, a URL, a tag, a type, a date, or the complete web page or PDF (no OCR).
    • Tags: Tags enable comprehensive item characterization. You can assign tags to items depending on their subjects, approaches, states, evaluations, or even your own workflow (e.g., to-read).
    • Public Page: By default, your bookmarks and collections are private, but you may create a public link to share them with the entire web with just one click. Anyone with the URL can view your wall but not alter it (sign-up is not necessary).
    • Browser Extension: The quickest method to add links, images, and other content directly from your preferred online browser to your collections is by using the browser extension.
    • Mobile App: You can also use Raindrop on you mobile phone.

    4. Raindrop Tech Specs

    Tech Specs
    Platforms Desktop: Windows, macOS, Linux
    Mobile: Android, iPhone & iPad
    Language English and other 15 languages
    API Yes

    5. Raindrop Plan

    Plan Features
    • Everything on the Free plan, plus
    • Full-text search
    • Permanent library
    • Nested collections
    • Annotations
    • Duplicate and broken links finder
    • Automatic backups
    • Upload 10 Gb of files per month
    • Priority support by email
    • Enabled in all platforms

    6. Raindrop Alternatives

    Pocket, Toby, Stack, Klart, Qlearly

    7. Raindrop Reviews



    • “Making it simple for me to save the websites I need every day as well as the ones I forgot about but subsequently found useful is a lifesaver.”
    • “I enjoy that I can save articles, resources I’ve gathered, and web pages I want to revisit all in one location.”
    • “Since is cross-platform, I can access goods from different platforms and devices.”

    • “I can upload files to, but not all file formats can be uploaded.”
    • “Well, mobile app could be improved, but it is already quite ok.”
    • “Only works with Google Chrome and an account is needed.”

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