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1. What is PiCode?

PiCode is a picture conversion software, which is planned to permit clients to convert different picture file formats to different formats quickly and effectively. The program supports a wide run of picture designs, counting prevalent ones like JPEG, PNG, GIF, BMP, TIFF, and more, as well as less common designs like Crude, HEIC, and PDF.

2. PiCode Screenshots

3. PiCode Features

  • Format Conversion: It permits you to convert pictures from one arrangement to another. This can be useful once you have pictures in an arrangement that isn’t compatible with a specific computer program or gadget you need to use.

  • Batch Conversion: You’ll be able convert different pictures at once, which is particularly valuable in case you have got a huge number of pictures to convert.

  • Preview: The software gives a see of how the converted picture will see some time recently when you finalize the conversion.

  • Easy-to-Use Interface: PiCode is designed to be user-friendly, with a direct drag-and-drop interface.

4. How to Use PiCode?

Step 1: Download and Dispatch PiCode

Start by downloading the PiCode software from a dependable source and introducing it on your computer.

Once the installation is total, dispatch the PiCode application.

Step 2: Add File and Choose the Image

In the PiCode application, you should see a choice labeled “Add File” or something similar. Tap on it to initiate the process of adding the picture you want to convert.

A file dialog window will show up, permitting you to explore through your computer’s catalogs. Find and select the picture record you would like to convert, and after that press “Open” or a comparative button to affirm your selection.

Step 3: Select the Output Image Format

After you’ve added the picture, there ought to be a choice labeled “Convert”. Press on this choice to select the required picture organized for the converted file.

A dropdown menu or a list of supported designs ought to show up. Select the arrangement you need the picture to be converted to. This may well be designs like JPEG, PNG, GIF, BMP, etc.

Step 4: Initiate the Conversion

Once you’ve chosen the output format, there should be a button labeled “Convert”. Tap on this button to start the conversion process.

The PiCode application will presently process the image conversion. The time it takes to total will depend on the size of the picture and the execution of your computer.

Step 5: Locate the Converted Picture File

After the conversion process is complete, the PiCode application ought to give you a notice or a completion message.

You can presently explore the area where you typically save your records or where PiCode naturally spares the changed over picture. The picture ought to be there, within the organization you specified.

5. PiCode Tech Specs

Tech Specs

Suported System


Supported Langauge

German, English, Spanish, French, Italian, Portuguese, Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese, Japanese

6. PiCode Pricing





7. PiCode Alternatives


XnConvert is a flexible image conversion and manipulation tool. It supports a wide range of picture groups and gives highlights for resizing, pivoting, and applying channels to images.

Total Image Converter

Total Image Converter may be a tool outlined specifically for converting pictures to different designs. It bolsters bunch transformation, resizing, and indeed offers choices for watermarking and adding text to images.

Wondershare UniConverter

Wondershare UniConverter is a comprehensive multimedia toolkit that includes picture conversion capabilities. It supports a variety of picture groups and gives highlights for altering and changing over images.

8. PiCode Reviews

Overall rating: 4.7/5

  • Alice Johnson:

“I have a strong affinity for this program. Its user-friendliness is remarkable, and it supports conversions to various groups. Indeed the free form performs admirably.”

  • David Smith:

“The software is direct and accomplishes its intended tasks with precision.”

  • Emily Martinez:

“I find this tool exceptional, particularly when I got to convert photographs for emailing purposes. It’s straightforward and unimaginably user-friendly.”

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