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Loopcv – Get 5% OFF for Job Application Automation Tool

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1. What is Loopcv?

Looking for a job can be a challenging and time-consuming endeavor. That’s where LoopCV comes in. LoopCV is an all-in-one platform designed to simplify and optimize your job search experience. With a range of powerful features, LoopCV aims to help you secure your dream job faster and with greater ease.

2. Loopcv Features

loopcv dashboard
Automate Job Applications

Say goodbye to the tedious task of manually filling out job applications. LoopCV offers an automatic job application feature, allowing you to save time and effort. LoopCV platform can auto-fill job applications, making the process seamless and efficient.

Personalized Job Matching

LoopCV collects jobs that align with your profile and presents you with the best opportunities. Whether you prefer to apply automatically or evaluate each opportunity individually, our platform caters to your preferences. With just a single click, you can apply to the jobs that truly interest you.

Organize Your Job Search

Keeping track of multiple job opportunities can be overwhelming. LoopCV’s Kanban board acts as a job search CRM, providing a structured approach to managing all your open job opportunities. With a single dashboard, you can stay organized and monitor your progress effectively.

Free Personalized Email Templates

Crafting compelling emails for job applications can be a time-consuming task. LoopCV simplifies this process by offering free personalized email templates. LoopCV platform collects new job opportunities and generates fully personalized emails, eliminating the need for extensive effort on your part.

Job Search Analytics

Gain insights into your job search performance with LoopCV’s advanced job search analytics. LoopCV platform provides valuable statistics and feedback to help you optimize your job search strategy and increase your chances of finding employment faster.

Company Exclusion

LoopCV is smart enough to avoid applying to companies you wish to exclude from your job search. Whether they are previous employers or companies you prefer not to work with, our platform ensures that you maintain control over the application process.

Advanced Job Matching Platform

LoopCV is the most advanced job matching platform designed to enhance your job search success. Utilize LoopCV platform to accelerate your performance, export Excel sheets with job matches for your clients, create unique email templates and CVs, and even A/B test different versions to help your clients secure a job faster than ever.

Advanced Job Filters

Tired of receiving job recommendations that don’t align with your preferences? With LoopCV, you can set specific keywords to filter job descriptions. LoopCV platform allows you to define your own rules for all the platforms, ensuring that you only receive job opportunities that truly match your criteria.

3. How does Loopcv Work?

LoopCV simplifies and expedites the job search process, eliminating the complexities and time-consuming aspects typically associated with finding employment. LoopCV unique approach ensures that anyone can secure a job faster and with minimal effort. Here’s how LoopCV works:

Step 1. Create your profile and upload your CV

LoopCV enables you to easily set up a profile by providing the necessary information and uploading your curriculum vitae (CV). This step streamlines the application process by eliminating the need for repetitive data entry.

2. Select your desired job titles, locations, and optional settings

Tailor your job search experience by specifying your preferred job titles, desired locations, and any other optional settings that suit your preferences. 

This customization ensures that the job opportunities presented align with your specific career aspirations.

3. Let LoopCV handle the application process or take control yourself

Once your profile and preferences are set, LoopCV takes action on your behalf. Their intelligent system actively searches for relevant job openings based on your criteria. It then offers you two options: automated application submission or manual control over your applications.

4. Loopcv Pricing




  • up to 1 job title search (loop) per month

  • up to 10 applications or emails per month

  • 3 job boards

  • low priority applications



  • up to 20 job title searches in parallel (loops) per month

  • up to 100 applications or emails per month

  • 20 job boards

  • medium priority applications

  • search for remote jobs anywhere in the world

  • custom email address



  • up to 50 job title searches in parallel (loops) per month

  • up to 300 applications or emails per month

  • 20 job boards

  • high priority applications

  • search for remote jobs anywhere in the world

  • custom email address

5. Loopcv Alternatives


Automate Your Job Application Process. Save time by automating job applications on platforms like LinkedIn, Indeed, and ZipRecruiter. Lazyapply advanced JOB GPT technology fills applications with your information, while Lazyapply scripts use advanced algorithms to prevent platform blocks. Simplify your job search and save valuable hours with LazyApply.


TealHQ automatically detects job applications on nearly 50 job boards, allowing you to save and apply for roles faster than ever before. With TealHQ autofill feature, answering application questions becomes a breeze, from basic information to more complex inquiries. Access AI-generated personalized answers based on your career history and job descriptions, making your job search more impactful. Experience the convenience and efficiency of TealHQ’s autofill functionality and take your job applications to the next level.

6. Loopcv Reviews

Our rating: 4/5



  • Saving you valuable time by automatically filling out job applications.

  • Organize and manage all your open job opportunities in a single dashboard.

  • Free personalized email templates.

  • advanced job search analytics to provide valuable insights and feedback.

  • The number of job opportunities that match your profile is relatively limited compared to LinkedIn.

  • The loading of results is slightly slow.

  • Recruiters may occasionally reject this service.

  • Customer support might have some weaknesses.

Positive Reviews from Trustpilot:

“I’m really happy about this platform. Saved me a lot of time because has the exact thing that I want, to apply in the jobs where I’m interest automatically. Until now it works perfect and I’m seeing also a team who trying to make the platform better so I believe that in the future will be more good.”

Negative Reviews from Trustpilot:

“Till now i don’t have any issue with the platform. Just facing few challenges: 1. Slowness issue, Good if you increase your servers and apply Load Balancers 2. While Adding Billing details it is showing me error and not proceeding with Payment. Hope you will revert this as this is related to Billing”

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