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Illustroke – AI-Powered Vector Illustrations

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1. What is Illustroke?

Illustroke is a generative AI design tool that allows users to create stunning vector illustrations from text prompts.

2. Illustroke Screenshots

3. Illustroke Main Features

  • Generative AI Design Tool:

Illustroke AI is powered by generative AI, allowing users to create vector illustrations from text prompts.

  • Vector Format (SVG):

Unlike many other AI image generators, Illustroke generates images in vector format (SVG). This offers advantages like scalability without loss, easy color and shape changes, high-quality printing, and the ability to apply animations.

  • Over 40 Styles:

With over 40 styles to choose from ranging from designs to perspectives users have a wide array of options to ensure their generated illustrations possess a unique and consistent aesthetic.

  • Simple Workflow:

The process involves typing what you want to illustrate, selecting a preferred style, and receiving three variations of the illustration in vector format.

  • Token-Based Pricing:

Illustroke offers a token system for pricing, where one token equals one illustration generation request. This provides flexibility for users, with different bundles available for personal and business needs.

  • User-Friendly Editor:

Vector images can be edited using Illustroke’s editor, allowing users to modify the illustrations as they like. The edited images can be saved to the cloud for future use.

4. Tech Specs



AI Engine

Generative AI

Image Format

Vector (SVG)


Over 40 unique styles

Support Response

Typically responds within 24 hours

5. How to Use Illustroke?

Step 1: Describe Your Illustration

After signing up, provide a description of what you would like to see in your illustration. For example you can mention something, like “An awe inspiring dragon soaring through the sky.”

Step 2: Generate Your Image

Click on the “Create” button to initiate the AIs creation process based on your given description.

Step 3: Pick an Illustration Style

Select a style for your illustration from the options such as minimalist line drawings, realistic designs or playful doodles.

Step 4: Customize Your Image

Before generating your image, adjust settings like color preferences, black and white tones, centering alignment and specify the number of variations (up to 4) you desire.

Step 5: Confirm and Generate

Once you are satisfied, with all your choices click on the “Continue” button. Please note that this will utilize one token from your account.

Step 6: Download Your SVG

After the AI completes its process simply click on “Download SVG” to save your customized illustration directly onto your device.

Tips: How to Get Free Tokens?

Users can acquire complimentary tokens on Illustroke by following the platform and reaching out through their social channels. 

6. Illustroke Pricing


Tokens Included


Free Tokens


Personal Bundle



Growth Bundle



7. Illustroke Alternatives


LogoAI is a platform for building brands that specializes in creating logos matching brand identities and automating brand promotion. It utilizes an AI engine to not generate visually appealing logos but also ensures they adhere to professional design standards. Trusted by more than 800,000 businesses LogoAI offers a range of design sizes and formats, industry specific templates and an automated platform for social media content that stays true to your brand. Activate your brand center with one click to maintain consistent visuals across all branded content, including customizable business card designs and downloadable posters or flyers.

StockImg AI

StockImg AI is a platform dedicated to enhancing the design process through the use of AI generated images. It empowers users to create visuals using intelligence by providing an extensive gallery of over 2 million inspiring images. The service includes access to stock images that help save both time and money during the design phase. With a collection of wallpapers, book covers, illustrations and logos StockImg AI aims to be the go to solution for creative projects. The platform offers pricing plans for its AI image creation services while ensuring user protection through privacy policies and terms of use.

8. Illustroke Reviews

Overalls: 4.7/5


  • Ease of Use:

Users really like how simple and user friendly Illustroke is. They find it easy to create vector illustrations, from text prompts, which is definitely a standout feature.

  • Quality of Illustrations:

Positive feedback often mentions the quality of the vector illustrations produced by Illustroke. Users appreciate that the AI generates visually appealing and looking results.

  • Variety of Styles:

One thing that users love about Illustroke is the range of styles. With over 40 options users enjoy having choices when it comes to selecting the aesthetic for their illustrations.

  • Vector Format Advantage:

Users truly appreciate the benefits of Illustroke generating images in vector format. They highlight how easily scalable these illustrations are, as the convenience it brings for making color changes and achieving high quality printing.

  • Token-Based Pricing:

The token based pricing system offered by Illustroke seems to be well received by users. It allows them to choose a bundle that suits their needs offering flexibility and value for money.


  • Token Usage Limitation:

One potential drawback could be users feeling limited by the token based pricing particularly if they have high volume illustration requirements.

  • Editor Functionality:

Certain users might provide feedback on the functionality of the editor and express their desire for editing features or improvements.

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