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HtmlDocs – Online HTML to PDF Converter and API

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1. What is HtmlDocs? is an online document editor and converter that allows you to create and automate PDF documents from HTML and CSS. The REST API is free and requires no installation. There are hundreds of templates available, including invoices, reports, resumes, legal papers, and more.

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3. HtmlDocs Main Features

  • Edit Documents with HTML / CSS: Create, edit and convert that combine the customizability of traditional Word documents with the structure of LaTeX.

  • Built for Developers: With HTMLdocs, you may create a document once and use an API request to populate it as needed. Abolish the need for manual work, version conflicts, and careless mistakes.

  • Hundreds of Templates: You can select from a collection of professionally designed forms, contracts, resumes, and other templates. Get ideas and alter anything to suit your requirements.

      4. How to Use HtmlDocs?

      Step 1: Sign up and log in HtmlDocs

      Create a HtmlDocs account with your email or Google account.
      log in htmldocs

      Step 2: Create a new project

      Choose a template and click on it to create your first document.
      start a new document in htmldocs

      Step 3: Add your variables

      Change your variables according to your needs, then click the “Compile” button to generate the new document online.
      change details in htmldocs

      Step 4: Download document

      After confirming the changes, click the download button to save this pdf document on your device.
      download htmldoc pdf

      5. HtmlDocs Tech Specs






      Supported System




      6. HtmlDocs Pricing Plan

      Plan Type




      1,000 Credits/Month



      1,000 API credits / month

      10,000 Credits/Month



      10,000 API credits / month

      50,000 Credits/Month



      50,000 API credits / month

      7. HtmlDocs Alternatives

      ilovepdf, html2pdf, cloudconvert, Soda PDF, Pdfcrowd

      8. HtmlDocs Reviews

      Overall Review: 4.5/5

      “Fantastic! HtmlDocs is very simple to use, extremely user-friendly, and makes document editing a joy! I always obtain a professional final product when using the software!”

      “I really like the HtmlDocs templates, they help me to save much time and effort!”

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