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HitPaw Photo Enhancer – AI-Powered Image Enhancement

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1. What is HitPaw Photo Enhancer?

HitPaw Photo Enhancer is a user-friendly image upscaling software that utilizes Artificial Intelligence to enhance image quality, improve resolution, and correct image imperfections with just a few clicks. It also offers different AI models for various purposes.

2. Video Introduction

3. HitPaw Photo Enhancer Main Features

  • AI-Powered Enhancement: HitPaw Photo Enhancer utilizes advanced AI technology to automatically enhance image quality, making your photos clearer and more visually appealing.

  • Noise Removal: The software effectively removes noise from images, particularly useful for low-light or high-ISO photos, resulting in cleaner and smoother images.

  • Blur Fixing: It can fix blurry photos, sharpening the details and improving overall image clarity.

  • Upscaling without Quality Loss: HitPaw Photo Enhancer allows you to enlarge and upscale images without sacrificing quality, preserving fine details and ensuring sharpness.

  • Multiple AI Models: The software offers various AI models, including a general model, denoise model, face model, and colorize model, each designed to optimize specific aspects of image enhancement.

  • Batch Processing: You can enhance multiple photos simultaneously, saving time and effort.

  • Old Photo Restoration: HitPaw Photo Enhancer can restore old and faded photos, bringing them back to life with improved colors and clarity.

4. HitPaw Photo Enhancer Tech Specs

Tech Specs





Windows and Mac


English, Korean, Japanese, Simplified Chinese, Spanish, German, French, Russian, Portuguese, Arabic, Italian, Traditional Chinese, Dutch, Indonesian, Turkish, Thai, Hindi  

5. HitPaw Photo Enhancer Plan




  • Cancel Subscription Anytime

  • 1 Month Full-featured License

  • Free Upgrades for All Big Versions During Subscription

  • Use for 1 Computer

  • 24/7 Tech Support


  • Cancel Subscription Anytime

  • 1 Year Full-featured License

  • Free Upgrades for All Big Versions During Subscription

  • Use for 1 Computer

  • 24/7 Tech Support


  • Lifetime Full-featured License

  • Lifetime Free Upgrades for All Big Version Update

  • Use for 1 Computer

  • 24/7 Tech Support

6. HitPaw Photo Enhancer Alternatives

Adobe Photoshop, Lightroom, Skylum Luminar, DxO PhotoLab, ON1 Photo RAW, Capture One, GIMP

7. HitPaw Photo Enhancer Reviews

Overalls: 4.6


  • “HitPaw Photo Enhancer is an awesome way to make my blurry building footage clearer. After using this AI image enlarger, all my images can be checked in detail and cleanly.” 

  • “It works really great to enhance my old photo quality and resolution. Many old photos I stored in the cloud were blurry and couldn’t be viewed clearly, especially the faces. After using HitPaw Photo Enhancer, most of them look like new photos. It’s really worth the money I paid.” 

  • “Processing is pretty fast, and the price is very affordable. What I like most is its UI design and powerful AI features, which help you enlarge your photo with just one click.” 

  • “It’s super fast to process a photo, taking only half a minute to get it done on my Mac. What I like most is that it is very easy to use, and you can check the effect before exporting.” 


  • “The software occasionally crashes during the enhancement process, causing inconvenience. It needs better stability and bug fixes.” 

  • “I found that the AI models provided by HitPaw Photo Enhancer are not always accurate. In some cases, the enhancements produced unrealistic results or introduced artifacts into the image.” 

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