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HitPaw Compressor – Easily Compress Videos and Images

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1. What is HitPaw Compressor?

HitPaw Compressor could be a software application planned to compress recordings and pictures in order to decrease their file sizes without relinquishing quality. It may be a tool that makes a difference to people and experts who oversee their mixed media substance more productively, particularly when managing with expansive files that may moderate down websites, devour capacity space, or posture challenges amid sharing.

2. HitPaw Compressor Screenshots

3. HitPaw Compressor Features

  • Video and Image Compression: HitPaw Compressor permits clients to compress both videos and pictures. This can be valuable for an assortment of purposes, such as optimizing mixed media substance for websites, social media, emails, or basically liberating up capacity space on devices.

  • Customizable Compression Settings: Clients can alter the compression settings concurring to their inclinations. This incorporates changing video bitrate, outlines per moment (FPS), determination, and yield organization. This level of customization guarantees that clients can adjust between record measure decrease and keeping up worthy visual quality.

  • Bulk Compression: The computer program underpins group compression, empowering clients to transfer numerous videos or pictures at once and compress them with a single tap. This include is especially convenient for sparing time when managing various files.

  • Ease of Utilize: HitPaw Compressor gives a user-friendly interface that streamlines the compression handle. Clients can effortlessly include files, alter settings, and start the compression preparation without requiring specialized knowledge.

  • Comparison See: Some time recently finalizing the compression prepare, clients can see the compressed form nearby the first to evaluate the visual quality and guarantee the required outcome.

  • Diverse Arrange Bolster: The computer program bolsters a range of common video and picture groups, counting MP4, WMV, AVI, FLV, MOV, JPG, JPEG, PNG, BMP, and GIF, among others.

4. How to Use HitPaw Compressor?

Step 1: Import Files

Open the HitPaw Compressor computer program on your computer.

Look for an alternative like “Include” or “Purport” and click on it. On the other hand, you are able to essentially drag and drop your video or picture records into the software’s interface.

Step 2: Set Compression Settings

Once the files are included, you’ll likely see alternatives to alter the compression settings. These settings will decide the quality, yield format, and other aspects of the compressed file.

Adjust the quality: Drag a slider to choose the specified level of compression. Moving towards higher compression will decrease file measure but might too affect visual quality.

Choose the yield arrange: You might have the alternative to keep the first organize or spare the compressed record in a diverse format.

Set the goal: Indicate where you need the compressed file to be spared on your computer.

Step 3: See and Compare

On the off chance that it is accessible, utilize this to see the compressed form of your video or picture nearby the initial. This permits you to outwardly compare the quality. Make any last alterations to the settings in case needed.

Step 4: Begin Compression

Once you’re fulfilled with the settings and see, seek for a “Compress” or “Begin” button and press on it.

The program will start the compression handle. This might take a minute depending on the estimate of the record and the chosen settings.

Step 5: Send out the Compressed File

Once the compression is total, the computer program will give you the alternative to trade the compressed file.

Choose an area on your computer where you need to spare the compressed file.

Click “Trade” or a comparative button to spare the compressed file to the desired location.

5. HitPaw Compressor Tech Specs

Tech Specs



Supported System


Supported Language

English, Spanish, French, Italian, Portuguese, Korean, Arabic

6. HitPaw Compressor Pricing









7. HitPaw Compressor Alternatives

  • Wondershare UniConverter

Wondershare UniConverter may be a comprehensive interactive media toolkit that provides different highlights, counting video and picture compression. It permits you to compress recordings and images while retaining quality and offers extra highlights like video transformation, downloading, altering, and more.

  • HandBrake

HandBrake may be a broadly utilized open-source video transcoder that permits you to compress recordings while maintaining control over different settings. It underpins a wide range of designs and offers progressed choices for video compression.

  • Adobe Media Encoder

On the off chance that you’re searching for a proficient arrangement, Adobe Media Encoder is a portion of Adobe’s Inventive Cloud suite. It gives effective compression and encoding choices for videos, permitting you to customize settings for different yield groups and gadgets.

8. HitPaw Compressor Reviews

Overall rating: 4.8/5

  • Neo (from HitPaw Website):

“My computer is finally working normally now! I had so many images and videos on my computer that there wasn’t enough memory on the computer, so I wanted to try using compression software. I was recommended this software, which can batch compress my videos and compress my videos greatly. So I will try it. It really only took a few minutes to free up a lot of memory. ”

  • Manuel Castillo (from HitPaw Website):

“I quite enjoy its batch compression feature because it saves me so much time! I don’t have to repeat any tedious stages; all I have to do now is submit my photographs, and they can all be compressed. In addition, I may change the quality and format, as well as the image quality and size, to my liking. This is a fantastic tool!”

  • Abby (from HitPaw Website):

“You can have it to compress anything you want. Pictures, videos, you can choose high/low quality of compression or customize its compression. How useful it could be! Saving a lot of space for me.”

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