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Fileside – A Tiling File Manager With Unlimited Panes

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1. What is Fileside?

Fileside is a different kind of file browser that can be used on Macs and Windows computers. It was created as a result of years of frustration with the official Finder and Explorer capabilities provided by the operating systems.

The primary problem that Fileside attempts to solve is the persistent requirement to open numerous windows, travel to the necessary places in each one, and then laboriously resize and position them side-by-side in order to begin moving data.

Oddly, Fileside uses extra windows to remedy this pain. You can add as many panes as you’d like, both horizontally and vertically. Once you’ve navigated to the appropriate places for the task at hand, save the arrangement for subsequent quick recall.

2. Fileside Product Screenshots

3. Fileside Main Features

  • Tiled folder panes

View many folders simultaneously in a single window layout. Your layout is immediately remembered in every detail.

  • Custom layouts

Make layouts of the sites that are frequently required for various projects or workflows.

  • Inline previews

Press Space to view several different file types in-pane or full-screen, including photos, video, audio, and text documents.

  • Search Folder

Any folder can be searched recursively using a breadth-first method that delivers the results you want.

  • Favourites & history

With a few keystrokes, you may rapidly navigate to your favorite folders or previously visited ones by saving them as bookmarks.

  • Light & dark themes

Pick a style that fits your disposition in terms of appearance and feel.

  • Folder merging

When transferring folders into other folders that have partially overlapping files, choose from a variety of merge options to handle conflicts.

  • Full undo

Every operation on the file system is completely reversible.

  • Full keyboard control

The keyboard may be used to access everything, and all keyboard shortcuts can be customized.

  • Light & dark themes

Pick a style that fits your disposition in terms of appearance and feel.

4. Fileside Tech Specs

Tech Specs
Version 1.6.0
Tech 59Mb

5. Fileside Plan

Plan Features
Lifetime All features of Fileside

6. Fileside Alternatives

File Splitter and Joiner, Supercopier, TeraCopy, Acronis Disk Director

7. Fileside Reviews



  • Multi-window-pane support
  • Opens up to four folders in one window
  • Opens files with default apps automatically
  • Dark mode
  • No lag
  • Custom layout


  • Nothing significant

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