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Eon Timer – Effortless Time Tracker

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1. What is Eon Timer?

Eon Timer is a Mac application for time tracking that synchronizes with over 40 online services. It allows users to track their time on projects and post it to their preferred online service. 

2. Eon Timer Screenshots

3. Eon Timer Main Features

  • Time Tracking: Eon Timer allows users to easily track the time they spend on different projects.

  • Synchronization with Online Services: The application can synchronize the tracked time with over 40 different online services, making it convenient to update and manage project time.

  • Intuitive Interface: Eon Timer offers a clean and user-friendly interface, making it easy for users to track and manage their time efficiently.

  • Online Service Integrations: Users can purchase individual integrations for their favorite online services within the app, allowing seamless updating of project time. Integrations are available for services such as activeCollab, Assembla, Harvest, JIRA, Toggl, and many more.

  • Compatibility: Eon Timer is compatible with macOS 10.13 and above, ensuring broad accessibility for Mac users.

4. Tech Specs

Tech Specs


Charlie Monroe Software






5. Plan




  • All features of Permute

  • Free updates

Individual integration

  • Integration with a single online service

All-integrations pack

  • Integration with all supported online services

To purchase individual service integrations, each integration is priced at $4.99.

6. Alternatives

Toggl, Harvest, RescueTime, Clockify, Trello, Hubstaff

7. Reviews

Overalls: 4.7


  • “Eon Timer is incredibly easy to use, with a clean and intuitive interface. The accurate time tracking and seamless synchronization with online services have greatly improved our project management. Highly recommended!” 

  • “I love Eon Timer’s integration capabilities. It makes tracking time a breeze. The added convenience of the mobile app for on-the-go time tracking is a big plus.” 

  • “Eon Timer has significantly enhanced our team’s productivity. Its clean and intuitive interface, along with the one-click time tracking, helps us stay focused on our work. We can’t imagine managing projects without this reliable tool.” 


  • “One limitation of Eon Timer is its lack of advanced project management features. While it excels in time tracking, those seeking robust project management capabilities may need to supplement it with other tools.” 

  • “Occasionally, Eon Timer’s desktop app experiences slow loading times, especially when handling a large number of projects and tasks. Optimizing the performance would greatly improve the overall user experience.” 

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