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1. What is Deleteme?

DeleteMe is a leading privacy information removal service that has been operating since 2010. With DeleteMe, you regain control over your personal data by offering a quick, easy, and safe solution for removing your information from the internet. 

2. Deleteme Features

Hands-free Subscription Service 

DeleteMe takes care of removing your personal information that is being sold online. They have an extensive reach, targeting over 750 data brokers, ensuring comprehensive coverage in removing your private data.

Comprehensive Removal of Private Data

DeleteMe’s commitment to privacy protection covers a wide range of sensitive information. They work diligently to remove data exposed by data brokers, including your name, age, address, photos, email, past addresses, phone number, relatives’ information, social media profiles, occupation details, marital status, and even property value.

Continuous Protection Every 3 Months

By leveraging DeleteMe’s expertise and ongoing efforts, you can regain control over your personal information and enjoy enhanced privacy and peace of mind online.

3. How to Use Deleteme?

DeleteMe operates through a simple and effective process to safeguard your personal information:

Step 1: Submit Info

You provide the personal information you want to remove from search engines.

Step 2: Expert Investigation

DeleteMe’s team of experts conducts a thorough search to locate your personal information on various sites.

Step 3: Removal Process

Within 7 days, you will receive a comprehensive DeleteMe report detailing the progress of removing your personal information.

Step 4: Ongoing Protection

DeleteMe continues to scan and delete your personal information every 3 months to ensure consistent privacy maintenance.

4. Deleteme Pricing




DeleteMe for 1 Person


Billed annually($129/year)


Billed biennially($209/2 years)

DeleteMe for 2 People


Billed annually($229/year)


Billed biennially($349/2 years)

DeleteMe Family Plan


Billed annually($329/year)


Billed biennially($499/2 years)

5. Deleteme Alternatives


Incogni is a privacy protection solution that addresses the risks posed by data brokers. These brokers gather extensive personal details, which can be exploited by scammers, businesses, and even the government. Incogni automates the time-consuming process of removing your data from these brokers, saving you valuable time. By using Incogni, you regain control over your personal information and protect yourself from identity theft and financial repercussions. It covers a wide range of data broker types, ensuring comprehensive data removal for enhanced privacy.


Onerep is a solution that addresses the privacy risks associated with public information and data brokers. It highlights how personal details shared online can be easily accessed and exploited by anyone, including data brokers who collect and profit from this information.

The platform aims to protect individuals by safeguarding their private information and ensuring their right to privacy. It acknowledges the violation and outrage felt when personal data is publicly displayed without consent.


Kanary is a powerful solution that stops hacks, spam, and trolls by finding and deleting your personal data from risky websites. With industry-leading technology, Kanary scans for sensitive information like home addresses, emails, phone numbers, and more. If found on harmful sites, it removes the data automatically within 48 hours. Kanary offers weekly removals, monthly scans, and an easy-to-use app for transparency. You can work alongside Kanary and receive support from their team. Join over 10,000 users and protect your privacy with Kanary.


6. FAQs about Deleteme

Is Deleteme Worth it?

If privacy and data removal are significant concerns for you, DeleteMe could be a valuable service. It offers convenience and assistance in safeguarding your personal information online. However, it’s also essential to manage expectations and understand that complete removal may not always be guaranteed.

Is Deleteme Safe?

It’s advisable to review DeleteMe’s privacy policy and terms of service to understand how they handle and protect your data. Additionally, you may want to consider conducting your own research and due diligence to ensure the service aligns with your personal privacy and security requirements.

7. Deleteme Review

Our Rating: 4.7/5

Pros of DeleteMe:

  • Effective in removing personal listings from websites.

  • Responsive customer service with helpful representatives.

  • Provides updates on progress and honest communication.

  • Saves time and effort compared to attempting removals individually.

  • Offers additional privacy-centric services.

  • Takes specific requests seriously and adds a human touch to the process.

Cons of DeleteMe:

  • Not perfect to remove all personal information due to relentless data miners.

  • Some users have reported that their information is still discoverable after months of subscription.

  • Limited coverage of around 40 data broker sites out of the many available.

Overall, DeleteMe is praised for its effectiveness, responsive customer service, and efforts to address specific requests. However, there are some cases where complete removal is not achieved and the coverage of data broker sites is limited.

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