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Clip Studio Paint – Your Ultimate Digital Art and Animation Studio

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1. What is Clip Studio Paint?

Clip Studio Paint could be a flexible advanced art software application basically utilized for drawing, painting, making illustrations, comics, manga, and animations. It gives a wide extent of features and apparatuses planned to cater to the wants of craftsmen, artists, comedian makers, and artists.

2. Clip Studio Paint Screenshots

3. Clip Studio Paint Features

  • Drawing and Painting Tools: Clip Studio Paint offers an assortment of brushes, pens, and other advanced craftsmanship devices that reenact conventional craftsmanship materials, permitting craftsmen to form artwork with different styles and techniques.

  • Customizable Brushes: The software gives over 40,000 brushes, counting default brushes, conjointly supports customizing brushes to suit an artist’s preferences.

  • 3D Models: Clip Studio Paint incorporates 3D reference models that artists can utilize to assist visualize and draw troublesome points or postures. These 3D models can be customized to fit the specific needs of an artwork.

  • Comic and Manga Features: With specialized apparatuses for making comedian boards, discourse bubbles, and other comic-related components, Clip Studio Paint is widely utilized by comedian craftsmen. It permits for proficient comedian creation with highlights like center and impact lines.

  • Animation Tools: The program empowers craftsmen to form liveliness by giving animation-specific highlights such as onion cleaning, light table, camera movement, and sound support.

4. How to Use Clip Studio Paint?

Step 1: Installing the Trial Version

Download Clip Studio Paint and dispatch it.

Step 2: Registering a License from the Trial Version

Keep the trial adaptation, get a full permit serial number.

Step 3: Setting up Your Tablet

Connect a drawing tablet. Open Clip Studio Paint, begin “Pen Pressure Wizard”.

Following these steps, you’ll introduce Clip Studio Paint, oversee licenses, set up your drawing tablet, and alter write weight, permitting you to start making advanced art.

5. Clip Studio Paint Tech Specs


Operating System

Computer Specifications


Ver. 2 for Windows

Windows 10, 11

Intel/AMD CPU, GPU with OpenGL 2.1, 2GB+ memory

Wintab-compatible tablet

Ver. 2 for macOS

macOS 11, 12, 13

Apple M series/Intel CPU, OpenGL 2.1 GPU, 2GB+ memory

Tablet with pressure sensitivity


iPadOS 15, 16

2GB+ memory, 10.5″ display+

Apple Pencil


iOS 15, 16

2GB+ memory, 5.5″ display+

Finger/pressure-sensitive pens


Android 9+ (ARM64)

3GB+ memory, 6″ display+

Galaxy S Pen, Wacom Intuos


Android 9+ (ARM32/64)

3GB+ memory, 6″ display+

Galaxy S Pen, HUAWEI M-Pencil, Wacom Intuos


ChromeOS (Android 9+)

4GB+ memory, WXGA display+

Various stylus pens

6. Clip Studio Paint Pricing





One-time Purchase

Starting from $49.99

Windows / macOS

Ver. 2.0, Unlimited use

Monthly Plans

From $0.99/month

Windows / macOS / iPad / iPhone / Galaxy / Android / Chromebook

Ver. 2.1, Early access to 3.0 features

Update Pass (Annual) – PRO


Windows / macOS

Access to updates including 2.1 and beyond

Update Pass (Annual) – EX


Windows / macOS

Access to updates including 2.1 and beyond

Version Upgrade (Ver. 1 » Ver. 2.0) – PRO


Windows / macOS

Upgrade from Ver. 1 to 2.0

Version Upgrade (Ver. 1 » Ver. 2.0) – EX


Windows / macOS

Upgrade from Ver. 1 to 2.0

Discounted Upgrade (Ver. 1 » EX Ver. 2.0)


Windows / macOS

Upgrade from Ver. 1 to EX Ver. 2.0

Clip Studio Paint PRO – 12-Month License


Windows / macOS / Chromebook

12-month license, Early access

Clip Studio Paint EX – 12-Month License


Windows / macOS / Chromebook

12-month license, Early access

Volume Licenses for Education & Enterprise


Windows / macOS / iPad / iPhone / Galaxy / Android / Chromebook

Support for remote work/learning, Up to 2 devices

GOLD Membership

200 GOLD/month


Material purchasing benefits

7. Clip Studio Paint Alternatives


An iPad-exclusive app known for its instinctive interface and amazing brush motor, making it a favorite among advanced artists.

Corel Painter

Corel Painter offers reasonable brushes and a wide run of creative devices to imitate conventional art techniques.


A free and open-source program with an amazing set of highlights, appropriate for both tenderfoots and progressed artists.

MediBang Paint

A free computerized art program with a solid center on manga and comics creation, accessible on numerous platforms.

8. Clip Studio Paint Reviews

Overall rating: 4.8/5

  • Karl (from Trustpilot)

“The best software I have found for my drawing and painting needs. I currently use MOHO for animation, but it is on my todo list to use Clip Studio for this also. I love Clip Studio for its price point and ease of use plus all the added features. This is how software should be!”

  • Sarah, Illustrator

“Clip Studio Paint is hands down the finest digital art program I’ve ever used. The extent of brushes and instruments is unimaginable, permitting me to form shocking outlines and comics. The interface is natural and customizable, making it simple to explore. The program too offers a wide assortment of highlights like viewpoint rulers and 3D models that significantly improve the drawing preparation. Overall, I exceedingly suggest Clip Studio Paint to any artist.”

  • John, Comic Artist

“As a comic artist, Clip Studio Paint has ended up as a basic apparatus for me. The program offers a consistent workflow for making comics, with highlights like board creation, discourse bubble instruments, and an endless library of screen tones. The capacity to switch between raster and vector layers could be a game-changer, permitting for simple altering and scaling without losing quality. The computer program is continually overhauled, and the developers actively listen to client input, which may be a colossal furthermore. Clip Studio Paint could be a must-have for any comedian craftsman.”

  • Emily, Digital Artist

“I’ve attempted a few computerized craftsmanship software, but Clip Studio Paint is by far my favorite. The brush motor is unimaginably capable, permitting for a wide run of surfaces and impacts. The stabilizer may be a lifesaver for making smooth lines, particularly for craftsmen like me with unstable hands. The movement tools are moreover top-notch, making it simple to make frame-by-frame activities. The program is stuffed with highlights, and the community is incredible, with a bounty of instructional exercises and assets accessible. Clip Studio Paint is worth every penny.”

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